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Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name :Stephen John Potts
Date of Birth :21st May 1976
Email Address :mail.gif


2003 - Microsoft Certified Professional (Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure) - In Progress

2003 - Microsoft Certified Professional (Windows XP Administration)

1994 - 1998 Manchester Metropolitan University - BSc(Hons) Computing 2.ii

Modules taken: (Year 1) - Program & Data Structures, Computer Systems Organisation, Programming, Organisations & Information Systems, Systems Analysis, ComputingMathematics. (Year 2) - Database Systems, Systems Programming, Commercial Programming, SoftwareTools, CProgramming on UNIX, Operating Systems, CommunicationNetworks. (Final year) - Distributed Systems, Knowledge Based Systems, Software Engineering Measurement, Computer Graphics, FinalYear Project : Minix Networked Printer Spooler.

1992 - 1994 and 1987 - 1992 The Ridge College

A-Level Computing, Physics and General Studies
RSA 1 and 2 - Word processing, Pitman - Practical Data Processing
8 GCSEs grade C and above, including English Language, Mathematics, Computer Studies.

Work Experience

January 2004 - Present day
Working for Diebold Nixdorf (was Wincor Nixdorf) as a Software Consultant in the Banking Division of the company. Developing and supporting software engagements.

June 1998 - December 2004
Worked for NCR as an Application Software Consultant in the Self-Service sector of the business. Providing consultancy and support for the UK banking industry. Worked long and short term on customer sites as a software developer and support resource, managed customer liaison meetings and provided various levels of technical support (phone, email and site visits). On occasions I provided cover for the UK Support Team Manager, during absence.

July 1996 - September 1997
For just over 13 months, I worked at NCR for a university placement. This gave lots of new opportunities to work as part of a team on high profile projects in the company. Some work involved visits to customer sites and even working as the primary NCR representative on site for a couple of large UK banks.

Summer 1994 & 1995
Working full time on a temporary basis at the college which I attended for my A Levels, in the Information & Admissions departments. Enrolling members of the public in the Admissions department and editing student information and timetables on the college computer system in the Information department.

Christmas Period of 1992 and 1994
I worked at my local branch of a department store. The first year I worked as merchandiser, the second year I was working as a cashier. Responsibilities included helping to cash up at the end of the day and taking the money to the internal bank for safe keeping overnight.

For several years
At weekends, I was a Video Cameraman for a small video company filming mainly weddings. During the time, I met all sorts of people at the venues, including some celebrities.

January/February 1992
Work experience placement for two weeks at a local printing firm. I was involved in the production of printing plates using colour separation to produce litho-films which then were used to expose the printing plates, ready for fitting to the large printing press.


Experience of computer platforms includes Acorn, PC, Apple Mac and Unix workstations. Skills include programming in BASIC, Visual Basic/VB Script, Modula 2, C, COBOL 85 and SQL-ORACLE, a little assembly language on 6502 and 8086 processors, writing my own world wide web pages in HTML, use of DOS/Windows 3, Windows 95/98, NT 4/2000/XP, OS/2 Warp, RISC OS, Unix / Linux and Minix operating systems.

Working for NCR gave access to a further set of software packages, some of which were proprietary to NCR, for use with Automated Teller Machines software development, and also use of standard PC office tools such as MS Word, Excel and Outlook. I have experience of upgrading and problem solving with PC and ATM hardware, including some ATMs at customer sites (live and test sites).

I have possessed a full, driving licence since October 1993. Through my word processing, I also learned to touch type, which I have found very useful in my work.

Interests And Other Information

I'm a keen movie fan. Some of my spare time, I spend writing computer programs for myself, or assisting friends and family with computer problems. Another of my interests is photography, I always try to take my camera when I go to new places. I also enjoy driving and own a car, so occasionally combine day trips out with photography. I am a member of two computer user groups, which meet once a month, one of which I have been the Secretary and Chairman of (WROCC).

I am a team player, willing to learn and help others learn, can be flexible and adapt to changing environments and demands.

I am dependable, self motivated, and keen to succeed.

References Are Available On Request

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