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A very long time ago now, I became aware of some RISC OS users who were less experienced than myself and who found it a little difficult to find sources of help and information for the beginner. It has been said by some that RISC OS does, in some areas, have steep learning curves. This is especially true when a user has become familiar with some of the (strange?) ways in which other platforms work.

I decided that I would attempt to create a small resource with information and screen shots to help the novice RISC OS user become familiar with the RISC OS fundamentals. I am by no means an expert user, but I have been using RISC OS for many years, and thought that I might at least be able to give some useful guidance on the general use of the RISC OS system. It is assumed that the reader has a RISC OS computer available whilst reading this tutorial.

By its very nature, this tutorial uses a large number of terms and acroynms which the computers, and documentation for them, use. It is hoped that rather than frighten the novice user, this tutorial will gradually introduce new terms, with short explanations where possible. All fields within computing are littered with new terminolgy which at first seems to be almost a foreign language. Use of these new terms soon becomes second nature and it then becomes easy to forget when talking with others, that they were once alien to me. Please forgive me (and tell me) if I do forget this and skip over any explanations.

Please also note that, although not essential, this tutorial may be better read whilst sat in front on a RISC OS computer, as you can then try out some of the operations which are discussed at length. It is quite difficult to comprehend some of the descriptions about mouse clicking etc. without following this yourself at a machine.

After publication in the Wakefield Acorn Computer Group magazine (now Wakefield RISC OS Computer Club), this tutorial has been published on my web pages. If there are any parts of this tutorial which are still unclear or confusing, please do contact me and I will do my best to clarify any questions or queries.

Steve Potts

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